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And Meet Your :Alternative Medicine Practitioner

Gina is Certified Massage Therapist and Accredited Professional Bowenwork Practitioner( with master class obtained in 07/ 2011). Her aim is to facilitate clients in helping them to recover from health problems. In 1970 Gina graduated from the University of Civil Engineering in Romania and worked in the field for 25 years. In 1985, she became ill with breast cancer and was healed using holistic methods without traditional medicine. Gina used the "Detox Bath Method" created by Louis Kuhne known as a "Genius in the art of healing" ( This natural way of healing made Gina realize she needed to learn more about natural healing methods.She received training in Reiki and Reflexology in Galati and Bucharest(Romania) in 16 jul 1993.Also In 1994 she obtained certficate nr.7574(Romania) -Operator Inforenergetcian Specialst Radiestezist for living systems: plants, animals and humans. Gina's recovery from breast cancer and her training in alternative healing guided her to live a holistic healthy life. For the past 23 year or so, she has dedicated herself to working as a holistic healer. About seven years ago, Gina began to suffer with knee problems. She realized that this is a problem many others suffer with and have undergone surgeries to alleviate their suffering. Gina preferred to seek relief using the holistic and alternative healing methods of Bowenwork. Her knee problems were resolved and she was so impressed with the simplicity and amazing results of this technique, that she became a certified Bowen Practitioner in Bowenwork in 2008 and in 2011 she took her master.

She can proudly give her personal testimony to the effectiveness of Bowenwork. Gina's study and work in Bowenwork has grounded her in a deeper holistic understanding of the body's natural capacity to heal itself. She is committed to assisting others in exploring greater body awareness and is looking forward to spreading the amazing healing power of this natural healing process with others.

After, In late 2012 Gina took course with Lynn Peck DVM: Touch Balancing/Animal Bowen Large/ Small Animal at Mac’s Meadows Equine Center Howell, MI - Animal Bowen (the Bowen technique Adapted for Animals): USE OF GENTLES HANDS ON THERAPY FOR CHRONIC MUSCULOSKELETAL PAIN IN DOGS, CATS, HORSE. After the first treatment all dogs that receive Bowen by Gina showed notable improvement. Curly, her dog who was paralyzed and was told that there is no the possiblity for him to heal, following treatment with Bowen recovered and lived three years more.

Gina is currently offering : -Bowenwork,

                                         -Therapeutic Massage

                                         - Manual Lymph Drainage

                                         - Reflexology

to clients in her office by appointment.

Appointments can be made via email or phone.

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