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.About Bowenwork

Bowenwork's gentle moves promote healing on physical, chemical, emotional, mental and energetic levels .

Bowenwork can be used safely on anyone as it is extremely gentle and is not known to have adverse side effects..

How Does it Work ?

The body has an innate ability to heal itself, if conditions are favorable. Bowenwork recognizes this principle and helps to reorganize the body’s intrinsic systems to facilitate healing. There is a direct relationship between the structural framework of the body, the nervous system and internal organs. Bowenwork restores their functional integration by gentle moves that relax muscles, fascial tissue and the nervous system.

What Conditions Can Be Helped by Bowenwork?

Tom Bowen used to say that there wasn’t any part of the body or condition that would not benefit by this treatment! It is particularly useful in relieving muscular pains, and for postural realignment. It is excellent for fibromyalgic pain, neck and backache. Sports and work related injuries respond quickly, allowing the client to resume activities sooner. Where there is swelling or congestion of tissue, Bowenwork activates the lymphatic system to improve its drainage and function. Sinusitis, head colds and migraines respond well to the method.

Bowenwork has a harmonizing and balancing effect on the nervous system. It is great for stress reduction and sleep disturbances. People of all ages can benefit from treatment, from newborn infants to the elderly – enhancing the quality of everyone’s life.




Ankle Sprains

Knee Problems

Frozen Shoulder

Stress and Tension Discomfort

Menstrual Irregularities

Bronchial Symptoms

Neck Restrictions

Back Pain



Pelvic pain   

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