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What is a session like?

Georgeta Rajala

Master Registered Bowenwork Practitioner

( 248 )345 3595

23023 C, Orchard lake

Farmington ,48336 MI

During your first visit, you will complete a history/intake form and we will chat briefly about what you have done for your condition prior to this. For most sessions, you will rest on a massage table or twin bed and be made as comfortable as possible. Bowenwork is better done through light clothing, so the practitioner can easily palpate muscles and tendons. Thus, it is best to bring loose T-shirt to change into. You will be draped and covered at all times for privacy and warmth. If you chill easilyalong a pair of cotton knit gym shorts and a tank top or in cooler weather, bring a pair of warm socks!

In a session, the practitioner places his or her hands on precise points in the body and applies gentle, rolling pressure, perpendicular to the line of fibers. a gentle stretch, which relaxes nerves and can cause either that muscle to instantly relax, or to relax associated muscles around it.

When muscles are affected like this, they are able to reset our body’s natural nervous system, leading to enhanced blood flow and oxygen delivery, and improved cellular activity. Another bonus is that the lymph flow is stimulated, aiding in detoxification.

I will do a few gentle moves on your body and then leave the room to allow your body to integrate the new information. I return in a few moments, do another series of moves and allow you to rest again while your body adjusts. This is how the session flows. Sessions usually last about 45 -60 minutes, although some may be shorter or longer, depending on what your body needs on a given day.

It is best to schedule two or three appointments about 5 - 10 days apart to set the foundation of the work. After that, appointments may be scheduled when you experience a new imbalance or just want a tune-up.

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